Thriller in Manila 

So, what was meant to be about 24 hours in Manila has now turned into 3 days! I arrived late Monday evening after the travel gods failed me and I sat next to a child who literally screamed for the entire 14 hours flight! I now know why they use sleep deprivation as a form of torture but suppose I’d better used to long journeys with little or no sleep! 

I’m staying at the Pink Manila Hostel and I have to say they have been great! The location is a little random, if not a little scary when you’re on your own, but the staff are super helpful and I’ve meet some pretty awesome people here already, hence the reason for staying! I mean, who would want to stay when your view looks like this? For £9 a night. 

Lucky, the hostel cat, has never ventured far from my side since I’ve been here. She must know I’m not so keen on cats because as soon as I sit anywhere she comes and curls up in my lap! Kind of cute until you realise you can literally see the fleas crawling over her! So she is currently rocking my bug repellant bracelet as a collar in the vague hope it may help! 😂 If anyone wants to post out a flea collar I’m sure she’d love it! 

Tuesday I barely made it out of the hostel as not only was I completely melting in the heat (it’s about 32 degrees – bit of a shock from the 8 degrees in London when I left) but I was also completely shattered!   This was only my second ever night in a dorm room after that one dreadful night in Australia 2 years ago with Louise where I swore I would never do it again. Turns out it could get worse! 3am. Door opens. Lights on. Rather (very) large, 50something man crashes in. Seemingly with every item in his possession wrapped individually in its own rustly carrier bag. Then out comes the breathing machine!  Turns out said man can’t breathe by himself in his sleep. Which is ace when you’re sharing a room with 5 other people! 🤦🏽‍♀️

Met some lovely people at this hostel and we ventured out in the afternoon to get some food and just see what’s around! Talk about taking your life in your hands walking around the street of Manila! Traffic is beyond crazy, pavements that disappear for no reason (or have speedbumps?), streets littered with things I don’t care to mention! The smell resembles what can only be described as “hot bin juice”….less than ideal when you’re not feeling 100% anyway! The alarming tangle of wires overhead is also one to watch out for….when they snap and hang down to street level – someone will just come along and wrap a plastic bag around it and leave it there! Safety first and all that! 😂 

Wednesday night lead us a little more astray, shall we say! We ended up at Ringside Bar, known in Manila for its “midget boxing.” An experience to say the least. One girl I met, Tessa, had just flown in from Auckland and was in Manila for one night so we thought why not! Between the midget boxing and the lady boy bar next door called Mixed Nuts it made for an evening of great banter, strong beers and too many photos! 

Tonight I’m heading up north to the Banaue Rice Terraces and Hanging Coffins at Sagada. Although I’m not much looking forward to the 10 hour overnight bus, it’ll be nice to get out of the city! 


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